Joining the Church

Baptism | Confirmation | Membership



EVERYONE is invited into the fellowship of our Church.


Baptism is offered to believers of all ages. We United Methodists believe in three form of baptisms, namely Pouring, Sprinkling, and Immersion. How can one become a member? Baptism doesn’t make you a member of the local church but member of the family of Christ.


Youth may become professing members through confirmation classes during middle school and high school years.


Adults may become members through Professions of Faith, Transfer of Membership and must go through a Membership Class taught by the Pastor to understand the United Methodist teachings and doctrine and to know and understand what it is to be a Church Member from a biblical perspective. Membership is required by the United Methodist Book of Disciple for some Leadership positions. Members enjoy benefits of use of facilities and provided services. Thus, Pastoral Care is available for all persons.