Pastor’s Corner

God is calling you to share the gospel with the next generation.

Time is so fast. Summer is almost over and we wonder where the time went. Also new school year started. So, we had backpack blessing time in the last worship service. our children brought their own backpack for school at the Sunday worship. I blessed our children who start new school year, giving the backpack blessing tag to put their own backpack. I think that many children feel nervous, anxious, or scared about starting new school year. Also, many children concern what this new school year might bring, what they might learn, who they might meet, and who they might become during the new school year. Through giving the blessing tag, I hope they remember God is always with them and God is friend with them at the school even while they feel nervous, anxious, or scared. I pray for them to meet good friends and teacher, and grow while they work hard during the school year.

Also, the education committee are planning to start again the Junior Church that have stopped during the pandemic. Through the Junior Church, they can grow on faith and we can teach them about God’s plan and wills on their spiritual journey as children of God. Additionally, we want to continue to be able to provide Children’s message on Sundays.  

As we believe that God is calling us to share the Gospel with the next generation, I hope we can respond prayerfully to God’s call. It is impossible to deliver the Word of God to children in the language of adults. We need your help, who are passionate about sharing the gospel with children. God is call you to deliver Children’s message. We need your help. 

I believe it is also a chance for us to grow together while we teach and learn from each other. Just like we’ve learned from our parents, grandparents, Sunday school teachers in our childhood, I hope we also can learn and grow while we join in this ministry.

Rev. Ji-Tae Park